Lisa Marie Lema

About Me

As far back as I can remember, sports, fitness and nutrition have been a big part of my life. My first two years in college were spent as a Kinesiology/Physical Education Major. I was a student, a mom and a member of a military family. Our family was transferred out of state a couple of years into my college studies. After we moved, I transferred colleges and changed my major, due to a lack of course offerings at my new school. I continued my education while raising three children, eventually graduating magna cum laude, with a BA in Communications, a Minor in Psychology and a special emphasis in Behavioral Psychology.  I enjoyed and excelled in courses such as Anatomy & Physiology, Fitness for Life, Exercise Nutrition, etc.  Because I took such an intense interest in fitness, I’ve spent years reading books, articles and studies related to this field.  

All my years growing up, I was involved in sports. Everything from swimming, volleyball and tennis, to league baseball with the boys.   I was a runner for years, competing in several 5k's, and most recently the Hollywood Half Marathon. Bodybuilding has become my favorite sport, and I spent most of last year training to compete. I joined the NPC (National Physique Committee) and have competed in multiple fitness competitions. I will compete again this year.

During my fitness journey, I have trained with great mentors. I've learned from highly regarded and well respected Personal Trainers and pro athletes. My bodybuilding competition coaches are the top in their industry. Athletes fly from all over the nation to train with them. My experience working with these elite trainers fueled my passion to share my knowledge with others. I have now gone full circle, returning to the field of health and fitness that I had pursued in my college years.

After competing in several popular Bodybuilding Competitions at the bikini level, I had many people ask me for advice on losing weight or getting in shape. I decided to dedicate my time and efforts to those who are truly ready for a change. I start by placing clients on a detailed meal and workout program and coach them through the process.  The clients I coach are extremely happy with their results. They are thrilled at how much healthier and energetic they feel, as well as how much better they look in (and out) of clothes!   I knew this was my calling years ago…to coach, educate and train people on becoming physically fit and healthy. I truly enjoy helping people realize their potential. Feeling fit greatly affects a person’s mood, inner peace and level of happiness. It’s the best therapy you can invest in. Think about how good you feel when you are at a healthy weight and feel in shape, versus how bad you feel when you gain weight, can’t fit in your clothes and feel sluggish. This goes way beyond looking good in a bathing suit, it affects your overall health and well-being. We all need to invest in our health so we have a better quality of life as we grow older.

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